philosophyChapel is a Catholic, value-centered international school with an American emphasis. It is “value-centered” in its commitment to the ideal of Christian education as envisioned by the Catholic Church.

It is “international” in the make-up of its diverse student body and in its three-fold curriculum, which is geared to prepare our students for universities in many countries. To achieve this objective, Chapel provides an enriching curricula along with a variety of school-related activities to encourage the moral, intellectual, affective, social, and physical growth of its students.

Chapel believes that the parents, administrators, teachers, students, and staff of the school form a community that should strive to reach out to others to enable them to grow to their full human potential in a manner consistent with Christian philosophy. It sees each student and every other member of the community as unique persons, made in the image and likeness of their Creator, and called to make a personal contribution to the building of a more just and peaceful world. For this reason, the moral and religious formation of Chapel students is a priority for all concerned, with due respect for that portion of the Chapel community committed to other religious beliefs.

Chapel’s emphasis on moral values, the variety of cultures of its students and its commitment to optimum academic standards, provide a unique source of educational enrichment in a world of destructive conflicts. Concerned with moral leadership, Chapel sees as its vital mission, and primary objective, the development of a critical mind and a committed conscience in each of its students. Only the active participation and support of parents and faculty can accomplish this mission.

The Chapel community is bound by a concern for our brothers and sisters of the one human family. Located as it is in the midst of a nation and city where poverty is the ruler rather than the exception, it faces a special challenge to build justice and peace. For this reason, service to the greater community is an integral characteristic of the school, and a central element in the formation of its students.

World peace is threatened by nuclear armaments, destruction of the environment, and the imbalance between the rich and poor. Chapel accepts the challenge to prepare better women and men for better times, so that they might hasten the arrival of the world peace, justice, and love, after the model of Jesus Christ, “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.”